REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey


REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey


Are My People REALLY Growing Spiritually?
What Actions Should I Take to Help Them Grow?

REVEAL is helping leaders find the answers—and make measurable, positive changes in the process of growing disciples.  

'Take a deep breath and get ready to face the reality of the church which you lead! REVEAL will be an encouragement, a call to action, and sometimes a rebuke. It has changed the way we teach, plan our services and relate to our wider community. It's one of the best tools to tell you where you are, and where you need to go.' Revd Jay Colwill, Christ Church Orpington

What’s included?

  • Promotional Tools to use prior to the survey*
  • The online survey (30-45 mins) to be completed in one sitting by church members (anonymously). You would need to ensure that at least 25% of your church congregation (or a minimum 80 people) complete the survey. The survey is accessible for 2-weeks from the start date.
  • 30+ Page PowerPoint Communication of Key Findings. Request a Sample Church Survey Report.
  • 100+ Page Appendix with all the data from your survey 
  • REVEALWORKS: A self-facilitated, four-step process that guides a ministry team through understanding, prioritizing, and acting in response to the SLS results. Each step of the process is guided by a complete kit that provides your team with everything needed to lead an effective planning workshop.
  • 1-hour consultation conference call with a REVEAL Expert  





1. Visit the REVEAL US website for more information

This site provides the history, key findings and latest information about the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey. (Note: please read point 3 below about ordering a survey.)

2. Access REVEAL UK & Ireland files

Further background information together with articles and blog posts from UK & Ireland REVEAL churches and consultants.

3. Order the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey for UK & Ireland

The ordering process is slightly different in the UK & Ireland to that in the US:

  • All surveys will be administered by WCA UK & Ireland.
  • There is a discount if your church is a WCA UK & Ireland member.

To Order:

  • Please order your survey below.
  • Once you order the survey, you will receive an automated receipt email followed by a confirmation email with a link to a Church Profile Form (within 24 hours Mon-Fri). This form will ask you to select a starting date for the 2-week period when you wish to take the survey.
  • 2014 Survey Dates:
    • 20 September
    • 4 October
    • 18 October
    • 1 November
    • 8 November
  • 2015 Survey Dates:
    • 10 January
    • 24 January
    • 7 February
    • 21 February
    • 7 March
    • 14 March
    • 11 April
    • 25 April
    • 9 May
    • 30 May
    • 6 June
    • 13 June
    • 12 September
    • 26 September
    • 10 October
    • 24 October
    • 7 November

*Also see Presenting REVEAL


Church Size: Less than 250
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Single Survey£289.00(Member price: £231.00)
 €393.04(Member price: €314.16)
Price includes P&P for UK Orders
Church Size: 250-999
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Single Survey£499.00(Member price: £399.00)
 €678.64(Member price: €542.64)
Price includes P&P for UK Orders
Church Size: More than 999
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Single Survey£1199.00(Member price: £959.00)
 €1630.64(Member price: €1304.24)
Price includes P&P for UK Orders


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